New Release on Kindle Vella

Hello, everyone! I have a new release out on Kindle Vella. The book is called “Killian’s Flight” and straddles the line between middle grade and young adult fantasy. Plus magic, pirate ships, and leviathans.

You can read the first three chapters for free before purchasing each forthcoming chapter as it is released. Go check it out, here.

Here’s the description:

“From best-selling author Kevin L. Nielsen comes this newest fantasy adventure.

Killian doesn’t mean to be a nuisance, but as the youngest of four sons and with a tendency for wandering instead of working, his parents decide he’s worth more sold as an indentured servant. Despite bitter resentment, Killian suddenly finds himself not only indentured to a stranger, but a pirate at that, the worst of the worst in the Archipelago. But when their ship is attacked and Killian’s master ambushed for a eons-coveted prize, Killian finds himself at the center of an ageless magical war where there can be no victors.”

Comments are welcome and encouraged. Share your thoughts, opinions, and/or concerns. I will respond to each of them.

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