New Release on Kindle Vella

Hello, everyone! I have a new release out on Kindle Vella. The book is called “Killian’s Flight” and straddles the line between middle grade and young adult fantasy. Plus magic, pirate ships, and leviathans.

You can read the first three chapters for free before purchasing each forthcoming chapter as it is released. Go check it out, here.

Here’s the description:

“From best-selling author Kevin L. Nielsen comes this newest fantasy adventure.

Killian doesn’t mean to be a nuisance, but as the youngest of four sons and with a tendency for wandering instead of working, his parents decide he’s worth more sold as an indentured servant. Despite bitter resentment, Killian suddenly finds himself not only indentured to a stranger, but a pirate at that, the worst of the worst in the Archipelago. But when their ship is attacked and Killian’s master ambushed for a eons-coveted prize, Killian finds himself at the center of an ageless magical war where there can be no victors.”

What in the world is going on?

The website has been gone for over a year now. I haven’t had a solid writing update in almost two years.

Life, in short, has been full, busy, chaotic, terrifying, rewarding, and so full of ups and downs that, of it were a roller coaster, it would not have passed health and safety inspections and would probably be shut down. Ok, realistically it would definitely have been shut down. Sadly, life isn’t a thing one can just “shut down.” No matter how much chaos is there, it still goes on.

One of the big changes is that I am now fully self employed as of a few weeks ago. My regular day job and I parted ways.

Now, before you start to fret about me, this is a good thing. As you can see from the brand new website, new web address, and the other posts on my social media, it’s a chance for a fresh start with a clean slate. It’s also a time of deep introspection, learning, and growth.

You see, most of my life I’ve tried to compartmentalize the different parts of my life into their own little sub world. My day job didn’t overlap with my family life, family life didn’t overlap with my writing time (as much as possible), and all other venues and avenues had their own time and place. That’s still true, to an extent, but I’ve come to realize that each of those things, those “sub worlds” is really just another arrow in the vast quiver that is me. They’re all aspects of the same whole.

This website will be broader in scope than my previous one. That one was only for my writing. Good news on that front is that part of my self employment includes writing time. Required writing time, in fact. Hopefully, some day soon, it can help pay some of the bills. I’ll post more on that front later. But, moving back to the point, this website is going to cover a lot of other arrows in my quiver as well. There will be sections about my wife and my business, Always Epic Designs (check out the Etsy). There will be posts about my fishing excursions. There will be posts about dogs, posts about my Twitch streaming, and posts about my family. There will be posts about Door Dash. You’ll get the whole package, the whole “quiver,” as it were.

So, in short, expect to see me here more often. Expect to be there with me, cheering me on, as you have done for many many years already. Thank you for being patient with me. The road through recovery has been and is long. Life changes around us, through us, and despite us. We move forward whether we want to or not. Buckle up, the ride is on.